Your Body Is Not Letting You Down

Why you don’t feel healthy and how to fix it

We have more bacteria living in our body and on us than we do cells that make us whole. Isn’t that crazy?

These trillions of bacterial species form what is known as the human microbiome. Our microbiome is like a delicate ecosystem that is found in us (the gut) and on us (the skin). Each microbiome is unique and benefits us in a beautiful way.

As humans, we have a very symbiotic relationship with the bacteria living in our gut. We give them a happy home to live and as a thank you, they provide a world of benefits for us. They digest your food, keep your immune system strong, act as soldiers when invaders attack. They help keep toxins out and even produce vital nutrients we need for optimal health. In short, if our gut is healthy, we are healthy. If our gut is sick, we get sick.

The foundation of good gut health begins with what you eat. We have both good and bad bacteria that live in the gut. We want to keep the good bugs strong and keep the number of bad bugs low. All bacteria thrive on what you feed them. Good bugs feed off of fiber and bad bugs feed off of sugar. Unfortunately, the Standard American Diet (SAD diet) is largely made up of highly processed, high-sugar, high unhealthy fat, and chemical-rich foods but low in fiber and healthy fats. This way of eating has substantially altered our gut bacteria as it is starving off good bugs and feeding bad buys that only become stronger and multiply, contributing to many health problems like obesity, diabetes, and autoimmune disease.

The good news is you can alter your microbiome with every bite you eat. Cleaning up your diet is the most powerful way to kill the bad bacteria and enhance the good guys. Focusing on fiber-rich vegetables, low-sugar fruits, non-gluten grains, healthy fats, and some legumes can drastically improve our gut function and therefore overall health. When including animal products into your diet, stick with grass-fed beef, wild-caught salmon, and organic poultry & eggs.

An imbalanced gut can have so many negative effects on your body that scientists actually conduct what is called a fecal transplant (infusing someone else’s poop into you) for weight loss and combating symptoms of autoimmune disease.

If you are like me and prefer a more pleasant approach to health, one of the best ways to decrease inflammation and heal the gut is to follow a 4-step program. When people employ these steps they lose weight, feel better and their symptoms improve:

your body

1. Remove the bad bugs, drugs and food allergens. This requires removing toxins from your food as well as any foods that are triggering a negative reaction in your body. A great way to find out what foods are triggering you is through a 3-4 week elimination diet

2. Replace needed enzymes, fiber and prebiotics. Include whole food nutrient dense foods into your diet to provide the good bugs with fiber diversity. A great way to get a variety of color and fiber is through smoothies. Download my free smoothie guide designed to help you improve digestion and boost detoxification

3. Re-inoculate your gut with good bacteria (probiotics). Probiotics replenish the lost good bacteria. Once we add more good guys, we get to feed them fiber from whole foods in order to keep them strong and multiply. 

4. Repair the gut lining with omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, glutamine and other healing nutrients.

The 4 R program is not for the odd stomach cramps or bloating. You might want to consider trying an elimination diet to address food sensitivities and eliminate symptoms if that is the case. The 4 R program is best suited for people that have struggled with health issues for a long time have been unable to find relief.

This is a program I followed on my own journey to regain my health after a 15-year struggle and it is no doubt very effective. The important thing to remember is that healing takes time and discipline. You didn’t get to where you are overnight, and you won’t come into full health overnight either. Healing your body requires patients, understanding, disciple, and love. Love yourself enough to say no to the things that hurt you and yes to the processes put in place to help you.

If you are struggling with health issues and would like help healing the gut and improving your overall health, book a free discovery call with me.  Together we can investigate the cause and co-create a personalized plan that will bring you back into full health and unleash an UNLIMITED YOU!