Benefits of Rock Climbing

There’s no denying that rock climbing is the ultimate workout for testing your physical strength and mental stamina. In fact, very few activities target as many muscles as rock climbing does, while also focusing on your balance, flexibility, and mental endurance. 

While many people take their training outdoors, beginners looking for an excellent workout often find that using an indoor training facility is the best route, especially since you have access to qualified instructors, equipment, and various levels of classes. If you want to add rock climbing to your overall fitness routine, the safest way to start is with an indoor climbing facility

Rock climbing is a total-body workout that focuses on strength, balance, flexibility, and aerobic conditioning.

Health Benefits

Rock climbing is primarily a strength-based workout. That said, it also gets your heart pumping and burns some serious calories. In fact, a 155-pound person can burn around 600 calories per hour climbing. When comparing it to other workouts though, rock climbing is more like interval-based training since it produces more short anaerobic bursts of power compared to a cardiovascular workout like running or cycling that tends to produce a more steady and sustained heart rate.

When it comes to the muscles you?ll be working, you can expect to use most, if not all of them while climbing or bouldering, which is climbing on low rock formations without a rope. Since your lower body is typically stronger than your upper body, you will rely on the glutes quads, hamstrings, and calves to push you up the wall, while your back, chest, shoulders, and arms work together to pull you up. 

Speaking of pulling, don?t be surprised if your forearms get stronger, because unlike many other traditional workouts, you will need a tremendous amount of grip strength to get you to the top of the wall. Plus, with all of the reaching and stretching required to move from one hold to the next, rock climbing is also a fantastic way to increase your core strength, flexibility, and improve coordination. 

But it’s not just the physical component of this workout that is good for your health. The mental health benefits that come with feeling confident, using problem-solving skills, being patient and present and the sense of accomplishment you experience when reaching the top are just a few of the reasons this workout tops the list of best for your mind and body.