TideWe Look Back

The TideWe story began on a cool crisp November morning, deep in the oak studded ridges of Western Wisconsin. The Whitetail rut was in full swing, the woods were alive with anticipation and the undeniable pursuit of two hunters. You see, growing up in the Midwest created a tremendous passion for the Great Outdoors. Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Hiking?it?s in our blood? it?s what we live every day.

That November morning, we crossed several creeks on our hike in. Once we arrived at our hunting location. We both realized we were doomed from the falling temperatures. We had acquired wet feet due to leaks in our boots.

Atop a Ridge
Photo by Aldiyar Seitkassymov from Pexels

It was at this moment, atop that ridge, that we realized we needed to live our passion in another way. In a way that would not only help us; but help others who loved and enjoyed the outdoors as much as we do. On that year, the TideWe brand was born. An outdoors brand dedicated to equipping outdoor enthusiasts with quality products that you can trust to get the job done no matter where your adventure takes you.

Our Mission is to create, innovate and devote ourselves to providing outdoor enthusiasts with a better, more comfortable experience in the field.

We believe that true happiness in life comes from doing what you love. Here at TideWe we LOVE the Outdoors.