Stretching and Balance

We have focused on our breath (in the first exercise). Let?s now concentrate on stretching and balance.  Our breathing from the diaphragm and in-hale through the nose tends to make us feel relaxed and ready to conquer our day.  Check with your doctor before performing this exercise.

So take a deep breath, lift and roll your shoulders back feeling a light stretch across upper back and maybe lower neck area.

Stretching your arms out to the side and over your head

Touch the sky

Slowly bend at the waist allowing arms and hands to sweep the floor

Slowly rise

Watch your Breathing

Stand all the way up to standing

Center yourself

Slowly lift either leg off the ground as far as comfort level

Arms out to side for balance and close eyes briefly, if comfortable and without falling over

Switch sides-the other leg

Arms out to side for balance, close eyes briefly if you feel comfortable.


If you feel inclined, try a few push-ups, putting your knees down is great.

Nice job!

Did you have a nutritious breakfast yet?

Until next time….


Photo by Letsfit

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