RevGear Martial Arts Pre-Black Friday Sale

Train at home or practice martial arts at the dojo. Revgear has stepped up and started to offer some sweet deals before the big day after thanksgiving.

For the rest of the world (or at least, the U.S.), Black Friday starts next week. For sustainably-obsessed brand RevGear, it starts now.

Now through November 22, 2020 (aka, Black Friday proper), you can cash in on some upgraded and sustainable goods at RevGear. Nab some of the best speed bags, double end bags, medicine balls, thai pads, mitts, and targets all between 20%-70% off percent off.

Focus Mitts

At Revgear, our Boxing and Martial Arts Focus Mitts are favored by top coaches and heavy hitters because they’re among the most comfortable to punch or elbow in the industry. Designed to suit various training styles and disciplines and improve speed, precision, and focus, our Focus Mitts will help you reach your peak performance, better than with any other mitt. Whether you’re preparing to compete for a heavyweight fight or getting in a kickboxing workout, our industry-leading boxing focus mitts will help your skill and performance while keeping both you and your partner protected.?

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Thai Pads

At Revgear, they offer a line of THAI PADS CREATED SPECIFICALLY FOR MUAY THAI TRAINING. Their Muay Thai training pads provide the ultimate protection for both fighters and instructors, made with quality, durable materials that will withstand the repeated impact from kicks, punches, knees, and elbows for years to come.

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Targets & Shields

One of the widest ranges of conventional and innovative Martial Arts and Boxing targets. Whether you’re working punches and elbows, or knees and kicks, using high-quality shields and boxing targets is going to improve your overall performance

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A high-quality boxing speed bag offers a slew of benefits for today’s fight sports athletes, including improved shoulder and arm endurance, hand-eye coordination, timing, and punching speed and power. A good boxing double end bag will improve your overall performance, whether you’re just starting your martial arts journey or competing on a professional level.

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Medicine Bags

One of the most versatile pieces of training equipment, leather medicine balls can breathe new life into your workouts. Medicine balls can be used for many different types of exercises to boost speed, accuracy, strength, coordination, balance, and more.

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At Revgear, we are a worldwide leader in training and grappling dummies, with SOME OF THE WORLD’S MOST POPULAR GRAPPLING DUMMIES. Grappling or throwing dummies are the best way to learn transitions from pop-ups, step, and switch, or perfect strikes, knees, and more. A martial arts training dummy can be used for a wide variety of moves while preparing you for action. Use a Revgear MMA grappling dummy to enhance your training.

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At Revgear, we make some of the best bags in the industry. From the feel of the bag to its endurance stitching that ensures your bag will last longer, you can feel the difference from your first strike and beyond. No matter where you are in your martial arts journey, training with quality equipment is essential. From your punching bags to your gloves to your apparel, every detail makes an impact. We feature a wide selection of heavy bags, as well as sling kits and accessories you need to hang bags properly and keep them well maintained.

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