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Writing a Guest Blog or Guest Post is one of the best online marketing strategies you can invest in. Easily spread your brand’s message and reach your target audience. Contributing Health, Wellness, and Fitness content to Fit.Digital has the added benefit of being featured as content on our digital signage network in gyms and fitness centers nationwide.

How it works

We make submitting a guest post as easy as possible. We charge a small administrative fee to

Benefits of Writing Health, Wellness, and Fitness Posts

Writing a Health and Fitness Guest Post can offer many benefits including new followers, new customers, and brand exposure. By sharing your Health and Wellness Guest Post on Fit.Digital you will attract new viewers back to your own website or blog, see an increase in followers on your social media, create credibility for yourself as a health and fitness authority, and more!

As an added benefit we will also get your content in front of the hard-to-reach active gym member demographic through our digital signage network within gyms and fitness centers across the US. This is a great way to get your Health and Fitness Guest Posts in front of people that are active gym members and likely your target demographic for your Health and Wellness-related content. For more info about our digital signage network go here.

Guest Post and Guest Blog Tips and Guidelines

These are our Health and Wellness Guest Posting and Guest Blogging Guidelines. If you have any questions about anything send a message to

Article Length

We believe, for good and well informative articles, the article length should be a minimum of 800+ words.

Article Topic

The article topic should be health and wellness related. Fitness, weight loss, nutrition, health, yoga, diet, recipe, or exercise are just of few of the main topics we are posting. If you have a post or topic that you are not sure about, send us an email and we can review it.


Compelling, and positive; If you would like examples just refer to previously published Health and Fitness Guest posts here.

Write For The Reader

Write in a manner that expresses your own personality and voice. That way people can better connect to you the writer.

Make Reader-Friendly

Decorate your Health and Fitness Guest Post by giving headings, subheadings, and give bold fonts for key sentences. Use bullet points where ever necessary.

Irrelevant links are not allowed. This step was taken as our website was hit by a major Penguin update. So links should be relevant and to the website or articles.

We allow a maximum of 2 (do-follow) external links in a single article. These can be links to your own website or blog, social media, etc. If you would like to add more links to your Health and Fitness Guest Post please send us a message.


Please give credit to individual work wherever necessary. This goes for the image as well.

Images + Videos

Please add an image or video to your article. Images and videos can speak a lot about your topic and can help to both attract attention and help to convey the message of your post. We use sites like Pexels and Alamy which offer royalty-free images but there are many options out there. If you need any help send us a message.

Please do not submit any Health and Fitness Guest Post copied from other blogs or websites that are not yours. It is fine to use other works for reference. Please provide references to the original work so that the original author gets the credit they deserve. We respect other people’s work and so should you.


Once your article gets published, your article may get lots of queries. Please try to answer them as this will lead to more exposure to your article.

After publishing your article, we share your live link on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.) and create link building to boost your article ranking in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

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