Keep it Simple and Focus on What Matters

Albert Einstein is widely regarded as one of the smartest human beings to walk this planet and he said “Out of clutter, find simplicity.”  That quote is as true now as it was when he said those famous words.  Most people would also agree that our world has become busier, faster and more complex.  How can we possibly keep it simple and focus on what matters?  Utilizing three simple rules, you can unclutter your life and start enjoying what truly matters.

Learn to say no.

Every time you say yes to something, you are effectively saying no to something else.  It’s interesting that people don’t want to be selfish so they get in the habit of constantly saying yes.  Often, we are “multitasking” and giving 10% of ourselves to 10 different things at one time.  Imagine that you can give 100% of your time and attention to a cause, or to a loved one.  I’m certainly no Albert Einstein but basic math tells me that is 10 times more effective.

Ask the question “Does this make my life simple or more complicated?”

This is where slowing life down for a moment and asking a simple question can greatly enhance our daily existence.  Whatever item we are about to purchase or activity we are about to agree to, stop and ask the question aloud.  This will certainly help with our ability to say no.   When we slow down, we typically make better decisions than we do racing haphazardly through life.

Actively purge.

Our calendars get filled, closets full of clothes you no longer wear and sentimental items collected over the years.  Hoarding is a real thing and for some it can be absolutely debilitating.  Fortunately, most of us just own too much junk or have created a habit that being busy is more important than being effective.  Things start to pile up, we loved it at one time in our life but that time has passed.  The challenge is that stuff is getting in the way of truly enjoying what matters. Try applying these three tips daily and you will be amazed at how freeing a simple life can be.  Your relationships will be enriched, you will sleep better and your daily stress will be greatly reduced. Visit Let’s Go Win’s WEBSITE and start living your best life! Transcend in Life, JM Ryerson