One of the biggest challenges I see when coaching clients is when people hold on to the past.  We have all done things that we are not proud of.  Some are certainly worse than others but I think the true destruction happens when we continue to let it define us.  I’m not suggesting that it’s going to be easy but it is possible. Give yourself permission to let the past go and see how much better the present moment can be. It’s OK, LET IT GO!

Can’t Change the Past

No matter how hard you try, you cannot erase or change the past.  What’s happened has happened.  Instead of spending so much time on the what if’s or I wish, how about making the present moment the best it can be.  If you committed to doing your very best in the present moment all the time, how amazing does your life look now.  One of my favorite ways to remember this is the past = pain, the future = anxiety, and the present = everything. It’s OK, LET IT GO!

Have Freedom

One of the best analogies I have heard when it comes to the past, is imagine you are walking up a mountain with a backpack on.  Most of us pick up the rocks (the past) and put it into our backpack.  As you continue to climb and pile these rocks into your backpack it becomes heavier and harder to climb.  At some point it will be too heavy to move forward.  In order to keep climbing, take the rocks (the past) out of the backpack.  How does that feel?  If you want to reinforce this visual, give it a try the next time you are out hiking or walking. It’s OK, LET IT GO!

Can make the World a Better Place     

The world does not need more pain.  In my lifetime I have never seen a moment where the world would not benefit from more love and less pain.  Take all of that energy that has been focused on the fear, anger and regret and redirect it to making something beautiful.  We all have a finite amount of energy to use daily.  Instead of wasting it on something we cannot change how about using it on something we can. I believe that everyone wants to be happy.  I suppose there are a few tortured souls that choose a path of unhappiness but it is a choice.  For your sake and everyone you influence, please choose happiness.  “Leave who you were.  Love who you are.  Look forward to who you will become.” -Fearless Soul It’s OK, LET IT GO! Visit Let’s Go Win’s WEBSITE and get our free work/life balance assessment today! Transcend in Life, JM Ryerson