It is Crystal Clear which Kayak I Want This Year!

One of the most amazing things about kayaking in one of these beauties is the fact that you have the option to get a fully clear-bottom boat. It will enable you to peer down into the deep blue sea unobstructed. Not only is good in terms of all the marine life you can see. Also perfect for kayak fishing and helps to spot any danger that may be lurking.

We believe that life’s best moments happen on the water. So we partnered with Crystal kayak that lets you experience outstanding marine life and the gorgeous clear water destinations of the world, all from your Crystal Kayak.

With easily removable seats you can go at it alone or grab a friend for a fun-filled day.  Designed to withstand both calm and choppy waters, you’ll feel nothing but relaxed with this Crystal Explorer kayak.

Its hull is made from a high-quality polycarbonate called LEXAN that?s extremely durable yet lightweight. This is perfect as it makes the kayak tough enough to withstand moderate waters, yet light enough to carry around with you.  Package includes two seats and two paddles and you get a 1-year warranty. 

Crystal Kayaks are built from the best materials to ensure optimum durability and functionality. Designed for any skill level from the newest kayaker to the most seasonal sportsman or woman.