Health and Fitness Guest Post

Health and Wellness Guest Blog
Health and Wellness Guest Blog

Benefits of Writing Health, Wellness, and Fitness Posts

Writing a Health and Fitness Guest Post can offer many benefits including new followers, new customers, and brand exposure. By sharing your Health and Wellness Guest Post on Fit.Digital you will attract new viewers back to your own website or blog, see an increase in followers on your social media, create credibility for yourself as a health and fitness authority, and more!

Guest Post and Guest Blog Tips and Guidelines

These are our Health and Wellness Guest Posting and Guest Blogging Guidelines. If you have any questions about anything send a message to

Article Length

We believe, that for good and well-informative articles, the article length should be a minimum of 800+ words.

Article Topic

The article topic should be health and wellness related. Fitness, weight loss, nutrition, health, yoga, diet, recipes, or exercise are just of few of the main topics we are posting. If you have a post or topic that you are not sure about, send us an email and we can review it.


Compelling, and positive; If you would like examples just refer to previously published Health and Fitness Guest posts here.

Write For The Reader

Write in a manner that expresses your own personality and voice. That way people can better connect to you the writer.

Make Reader-Friendly

Decorate your Health and Fitness Guest Post by giving headings, and subheadings, and give bold fonts for key sentences. Use bullet points wherever necessary.

Irrelevant links are not allowed. This step was taken as our website was hit by a major Penguin update. So links should be relevant to the website or articles.

We allow a maximum of 2 (do-follow) external links in a single article. These can be links to your own website or blog, social media, etc. If you would like to add more links to your Health and Fitness Guest Post please send us a message.


Please give credit to individual work wherever necessary. This goes for the image as well.

Images + Videos

Please add an image or video to your article. Images and videos can speak a lot about your topic and can help to both attract attention and help convey the message of your post. We use sites like Pexels and Alamy which offer royalty-free images but there are many options out there. If you need any help send us a message.

Please do not submit any Health and Fitness Guest Post copied from other blogs or websites that are not yours. It is fine to use other works for reference. Please provide references to the original work so that the original author gets the credit they deserve. We respect other people’s work and so should you.


Once your article gets published, your article may get lots of queries. Please try to answer them as this will lead to more exposure to your article.

After publishing your article, we share your live link on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.) and create link building to boost your article ranking in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

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How To Submit A Guest Post on the Front End

We at Fit.Digital wanted to make it easy for our contributors to use our platform and submit a guest post. So you can submit a post from wherever you are in the world from a phone, laptop, desktop, tablet, or even a flip phone (LOL) as long as you have internet. This page will help guide you through how to register, submit a post, and check the status of your posts. If you need additional help feel free to send us an email.

Let’s get started

Read our Guest Posting Guidelines

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Guest Posting Guidelines

Scroll down and click “Create Contributor Profile

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Create Contributor Profile

Create a Contributor Profile

Here you can create your username, and password, add your social profile, and a short description of yourself/brand.

Note: Your email address is required to activate your account.

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Create Your Contributor Profile

Once you completed your profile, click “Complete Sign Up” and the next screen will direct you to begin using this site. You will need to activate your account via the email we have just sent to your email address.

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Successfully Created Your Account

Verify Your Email Address

Follow the instructions in your email. Click the link in the email to move forward.

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Activate Your Account Email

Once you are on the next page click “ACTIVATE

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Activation Key Code

Note: If the Activation key code is not pre-populated refer back to your email for the activation key code.

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Your Account is Active

Submit A Guest Post

Now you are ready to submit your first guest post here’s how.

Go to the homepage in the top right-hand corner and choose “Login/Register

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Submit A Guest Post

Once you log in with the username and password you used to register with. The page will reload and now will look like this: 

Note: You will notice the difference because you will now see a black WordPress bar at the top.

Now go back to the top right corner of the home page.

Click the Profile Button and a drop-down will appear to choose “Submit A Post” to start a new guest post submission.

Now when you land on the next page you can add your title, content, media, thumbnail/featured image, and your category. Once you are done click “Submit” to submit your guest post.

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Submit A Guest Post


Congratulations you just submitted your first post. You should have a confirmation email in your inbox.

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Check Your Email

What Happens Now

Now that your post has been submitted it will automatically notify the Fit.Digital Team for review and we work as quickly as possible to have your post up and running. You do not have to do anything at this point besides writing more posts. 🙂

Check the Status of a Submitted Guest Blog Post

To check the status of your post, to see when your recent submission goes live for example.

All you have to do is log in (see the above steps).

Once you are logged in:

In the upper left-hand corner click Fit.Digital in the top black bar. This will take you to your dashboard.

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Get To The Dashboard

Now you are on the dashboard (the back end of Fit.Digital)

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Fit.Digital Dashboard

To check the status of your post click the Posts tab on the left.

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Click Post Tab

Scroll down and find your post title. You will see 1 of 3 statuses next to your title (Pending, Scheduled, Published).

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Scheduled Post Status


Publish Fitness Post
Published Post Status

Need More Help?

Hopefully, this information will help you get familiar with Fit.Digital

If you have any questions or issues feel free to contact us any time.