Fun Full Body Workout

Get ready for some fun! Combining these 5 exercises makes for one amazing and fun full body workout. It will promote your overall strength and balance. You can do this fun full body workout anywhere!

This fun full body workout can take as much time as you have! If you have 15 minutes, maybe do 2 rounds of 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest. You can also count reps if you prefer. Eight to twelve reps of exercise per set. Be sure to warm up and stretch after you have completed your sets. If you have more time, add more rounds.
Go through all the exercises 1 time before starting over with your second, third, or fourth set.


medicine ball (5-10 pounds), hand weights (3-5 pounds), stability ball, kettlebell or dumbbell (10-20 pounds), resistance bands

Don’t have the equipment? No problem! You can do all these exercises except Exercise 3 with no equipment at all.

Fun Full Body Workout

Exercise 1

Fun Full Body WorkoutFun Full Body Workout
Lateral lunge to curtsy squat with a medicine ball 30-45 secs of work or 8-12 reps

Works: Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings, Core, Arms

Be sure to keep your abs tight throughout the movement. The medicine ball is just a way to add resistance to make the exercise more challenging. You can use a dumbbell or no weight at all.

To begin this fun full body workout, step out to one side shifting your weight through your lead leg heel. (the one that is stepping out) Keeping your trail leg straight, lower your body from the hips, making sure your knee stays in line with your forward-facing toes. Push the weight out in front of you, keeping your core tight and your shoulder blade stable against the rib cage.


push back from the lead leg and bring it behind and across the body like a curtsy, and lower down with your body weight on your front leg. Your weight should be transferred to the stationary leg. Do not let the back leg take a lot of weight. It is for balance at this point. Bend your arms completing a bicep curl as your curtsy. Do all reps on one side before changing sides. Be sure to use a lightweight because your arms are getting double the work of the legs with this exercise.

Exercise 2

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Single-Leg Cobra 30-45 Secs of Work or 8-12 Reps on Each Leg

Works Mid-back, Backs of Arms, Hips

It also is good for balance and ankle stability. You can do this exercise with dumbbells or no weights at all.

To set up this fun full body workout, place all your weight on one foot. The foot should be “screwed into ” the ground. The other leg is slightly behind, like a kickstand. Palms are facing each other. Perform a slight hip hinge on the stationary leg, leaning slightly forward from the hip. Bring your arms straight back so your palms end up at hip height. Lift your “kickstand” leg slightly off the ground. Keep your core tight. Move your arms as if you have no elbows. They stay straight and try to pull the shoulder blades together behind you. You can also do this exercise with the “kickstand” leg staying on the ground.

Exercise 3

Fun Full Body Workout

Stability Ball Stir the Pot 4-5 Reps in Each Direction

Works Core

This is by far the most difficult exercise of the fun full body workout and you do need a stability ball.

To “stir the pot”, Place your elbows and forearms on the ball and come into a plank position, supporting your weight on the ball. The closer your chest is to the ball, the easier the movement is. Be sure to contract your glutes, abs, and quads. Slowly rotate your elbows while pressing down on the ball as if you are stirring a pot with your elbows. The smaller the circles, the easier it is to control the movement. Stir 4-5 times in each direction. You will probably notice one way is harder than the other. This exercise takes practice!

Exercise 4

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Goblet Squat with a Band Tap Out 30-045 secs of Work or 8-12 Reps

Works Glutes, Quads

Place the resistance band above your knees or around the arch of your foot. To set up, hold the weight in both hands against your chest. Put your feet a comfortable distance apart. “Screw your feet to the floor”. This will activate your hips and protect your knees. Hold your chest up and slide your shoulder blades down toward your back pockets. In the squat position, keep your chest lifted and your shoulder blades slid down. Tap one foot out and bring it back to the start position. Stay in your squat and tap the other foot out. Come out of your squat and repeat.

Exercise 5

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Squat to a bear – knee tap 30-45 Secs of Work or 8-12 Reps

Works Hips, Core, and Shoulder Stability

To set up this fun full body workout, keep your feet a comfortable distance apart, “screwed into the floor” like always. Raise your arms to shoulder height, shoulder blades down. Move into your squat and then hip hinge forward to place your hands on the floor. Keeping your knees bent, hovering above the floor. Contract your hips and core and lift one arm off the floor to touch the opposite knee. Switch arms, push back to the squat and then stand up.

I hope you enjoyed this fun full body workout. Check out my channel for more great workouts.