Fitness Equipment During Pre-Labor

During COVID-19 pandemic times, many pregnant moms are choosing to labor at home before going to the hospital or planning a home birth, childbirth at home or birth center instead of going to a hospital. Going to the gym, exercising and walking during pregnancy is great to prepare for labor and delivery. How can home fitness equipment assist you during labor and delivery? Can home fitness equipment help your pain management during labor and delivery? Yes it can! Here are some ways fitness equipment can make your childbirth more smooth.

Fitness Equipment 

One way to calm and soothe yourself during labor is the use of lightweight hand weights, massage devices, and the stability ball. You may already have these items in your home gym. If you labor at home, your partner can give you back rubs with a massager as the contractions come and go. Some women prefer back rubs or foot rubs between contractions. Some women prefer to sit on a stability ball and slightly stretch their muscles between contractions. Check with your doctor as to whether or not sitting and using these devices will help you, aid you with childbirth. Some moms find slowly, gently opening their hips and back can help them relax and breathe

with contractions thereby lessening the need for pain medication and facilitating a “more” natural childbirth. Talk to the hospital, or birth center, to see what they stock in the labor rooms.

Fitness Equipment and Pain Management 

Pain management is always a concern with childbirth. More and more moms are self pay when they choose a home birth or midwife at a birth center. Having an epidural is an added cost, at a hospital. Having an epidural is a form of medical intervention and a form of pain management. Communicate with the doctor, nurse, and midwife as to what kind of pain management fits your comfort level. If you are healthy and are having a healthy normal pregnancy and want natural childbirth some

natural pain management options other than an epidural are music, breathing, walking, gentle massage, gentle back rubs, and visualization. Sit and stretch on the stability ball, use the lightweight small hand weight to rub lower back and feet during contractions. 

Home Birth 

The beauty of delivering at home is that you’re in your own personal environment that you control. It’s assumed people are more relaxed when at home, in their “nest.” If you desire a water birth at home, a small pool of water can also be used in your home. Check with your doctor or certified nurse midwife as to what is the home birth protocol.

Time, dollars, and cents, are saved because you are using what you already have – your home fitness equipment! You will not have a traditional hospital bill, if you are paying only for the health care provider, time and supplies. There is a possibly more people can be present during the delivery and more people can assist with the deliver at home, in your house. 

Follow your doctors orders, and home birth protocols. Many moms and families identified early in the pregnancy that they wanted a home birth, not because it saves money, but because a more family atmosphere is desired, especially during COVID19 times. Once a home birth is chosen, each prenatal visit prepares the family for the home birth. The

health of the mom and the unborn child help determine if the mom is eligible for a home birth. 

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