Feeling Better Than Yesterday

Feeling Better, Being 1% better today than yesterday (last year) comes from being mental and physically fit.

Diaphragmatic breathing is helpful to maintain mental and even physical health.
Physically fit comes from mental, exercise and nutrition. Firstly, keep in mind that medical literature highly suggests mindset first then Nutrition. You cannot out train a poor diet.
With that being said,
Ask yourself your why? Why are you here at fit digital? Why are you reading this article or any article here? That will help you find your why.
What is the one thing or habit you would like to do more of, and talk with your doctor before making a decision.
Is it:
Reduce sugar intake
Increase walks
Increase stretching
Increase protein intake
Increase vegetables
Increase awareness of reading labels of food?
Only chose ONE and let your doctor know.
You are on your way to 1% feeling better daily. Congratulations!
Nutrition Coach
Fitness Teacher