Does CBD Make You Tired

A common question surrounding CBD use is, “does CBD make you tired?” For a clear understanding of the answer to whether or not CBD can make you sleepy, it’s important first to understand how CBD works.

How Does CBD Work

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many naturally occurring compounds harvested in cannabis plants proven to exert a long list of health benefits, including a good night’s sleep without concerning side effects. In this article, we’ll cover the different mechanisms through which CBD interacts with the body to produce its effects, why CBD may make you drowsy or sleepy, and how to use it for better sleep.

Does CBD Make You Tired?

Hope you might find this information and be smarter with your decisions as to how to use/consume it as a sleep aid!

CBD spreads throughout your body upon consumption, this largely occurs due to the psychoactive compound itself. This process causes a surge of neurotransmitters in the brain that create a highly stimulating effect, causing a short burst of alertness as your brain immediately responds to whatever stimuli it is experiencing. CBD receptors do not have a pain-signaling component, this makes it very anxiety-relieving and anti-depressant-like, thus why CBD is used in treating anxiety and insomnia.

This is likely why nap time does feel pleasant for some people, as they tend to have fewer neurotransmitter surges. This is due to the fact that a high concentration of CBD can lock in up to 60% of these neurotransmitters.

For reference, all of the neurotransmitters released during deep sleep include GABA and GABA A. When the body senses enough of these molecules, sleep finally ensues. Basically, by blocking these receptors, CBD can stop the body from replaying the anxiety and depression our brains feel during the initial high.

As an anxious person can attest, sleeping can become fairly difficult. This is due to a slew of factors including your circadian rhythm and the amount of REM sleep a person is able to require.

Similar to how your sleep is regulated by the circadian rhythm, the sleep of an anxious or agitated brain is more difficult to sustain due to the sudden spikes in cortisol and adrenaline that are experienced. Think of it like a boxer who suddenly expects to knock out an unseen boxer with their punches.

If your circadian rhythm and sleep requirements are not met, you can enter a vicious spiral of uncontrollable anxiety and restlessness. So can Does CBD Make You Tired? In short yes combine this with the fact that CBD is a great option to help alleviate anxiety and sleep issues and you have yourself quite the fix.

does cbd make you tired

Is CBD Use Dangerous?

No, CBD is perfectly safe to use for anything you want to achieve a good night’s sleep. However, the benefits this plant has to offer in terms of relaxation and sleep, and the drastic reduction in risk of side effects from consuming it if consumed in proper doses, mean that it is not recommended to be taken by pregnant women in high doses. Listen to the advice of your doctor when using CBD at any dosage level. There is some controversy around CBD and the effect it can have on people who are sensitive to THC. Because CBD seems to operate differently from THC, those sensitive to THC could end up ingesting lots of CBD while experiencing extreme anxiety or drowsiness. Based on the interactions mentioned above, it should be safe for most people to consume low to moderate doses of CBD smoke or tincture (with a dosage below.5mg per kg body weight) in a non-sedative or sleep-inducing environment at night without risking adverse effects.