Could Your Mind be Hindering Your Workout?

Those who are successful at meeting their health, fitness, and nutrition goals, know that drive, determination, and focus are key components to making your dreams a reality. They can be the difference between meeting your goals, or repeatedly falling off the wagon. In other words, you have to get your head in the game. But what happens when your mind is being consumed by a major life event that hinders you from being focused and determined to reach your goals?

I remember trying to take back control of my life after my marriage separation. I had a list of things that I wanted to accomplish pertaining to health and fitness. But it wasn?t long before I found myself feeling frustrated and defeated. I kept losing focus and falling off the wagon. What was happening? Why was it so hard to accomplish my goals? Well, my mind was consumed with thoughts about my pending divorce. I couldn?t concentrate on anything because my mind and emotions were always preoccupied.

Mental and emotional health can often be barriers when it comes to health and fitness. I know from experience that few life events can do more to sabotage health, fitness, and life goals in general like divorce. For most of us, our natural inclination can be to use fitness as a distraction from our life problems only to realize that we have to tackle them before we can be successful elsewhere in our lives.


Here are a few tips on what you can do to bring a little calm to your mind so that you can gain a little more success in your workout

  1. Pray instead of venting. When dealing with divorce it is our natural inclination to vent and discuss our situation and feelings to anyone who will listen as often as we can. Instead, save that for your therapist or life coach and convert that energy to prayer. Prayer has the advantage of making you feel better when you?re finished rather than angry, depressed, or frustrated as you do after venting.
  2. Feed your spirit. What does that mean? Well it?s kind of like when you listen to music while working out. Try switching the station to the K-love app, or listening to the bible or a biblical audio book. Just like with number one, it will function to motivate you rather than having destructive thoughts depress you and drain your energy and drive.
  3. Set some emotional goals. As you seek to meet your fitness goals, set parallel emotional and mental goals. Work on shifting your thoughts from destructive to encouraging and motivating. Find media and activities that make you happy or joyful so that it?s harder for you to stay sad or depressed.

Improve your mental and emotional health at the same time as improving your physical health.

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