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Nomadik Box

A New Adventure, Delivered Monthly or Quarterly. With the Nomadik Box you get freshly launched gear, outdoor challenges, and expert tips delivered to your ...

Best Yoga Gifts for the Holidays 2022

We all have that one friend who is obsessed with yoga. The friend who lives in their leggings, talks about their favorite instructors as if they've been ...

The Best Stocking Stuffer For UFC Fans

UFC Stocking stuffers are my favorite!  It's so fun coming up with ideas for the whole family?.little gifts that you don't have to wrap are always nice! ...

Hockey Jersey’s Black Friday Deals

Whatever NHL team you root for, we think you'll agree that an official NHL jersey is something you just have to own. While jerseys typically can't be worn ...

Motorola’s Outdoor Black Friday Deal

The best collection of Motorola's Outdoor gear designed to amplify any adventure. We've got great prices on radios, headlamps, flashlights and more. ...

HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottles

HidrateSpark smart water bottles create a customized hydration goal based on personal parameters, track your water intake, sync with popular fitness trackers ...

Is Skateboarding a Good Workout

Believe it or not, skateboarding is a rigorous cardio workout. The comparison for the fitness benefits of skateboarding to those of jumping rope and even ...

Brazyn Roller Holiday Shop

Why not start your holiday shopping shopping for your favorite fitness freak and start with Brazyn. AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK | Your body and mind are your ...

Get SOM Sleep after Cyber Monday

We all deserve a better night's rest. Som Sleep is engineered to help you fall asleep faster and rest better throughout the night. Drink one can 30 minutes ...

RevGear Martial Arts Pre-Black Friday Sale

Train at home or practice martial arts at the dojo. Revgear has stepped up and started to offer some sweet deals before the big day after thanksgiving. ...

Best Gifts for Runners Part 1

The special runners in your life seems to have it all: fast times, piles of worn shoes, stacks of crumbled race bibs and an enviable collection of finisher's ...

Holiday Gift Guide for Powerlifters

Every product is carefully selected by Fit.Digital. If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission. Not sure what you want for a Christmas gift, but know ...

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