Can Vibration Plates Help Lose Weight?

One of the most popular vibration plates benefits is their ability to aid weight loss. As little as 10 minutes a day on a vibration plate can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Using a vibration plate turns up the intensity of your normal workout. It will boost your metabolism so as a result, you will burn fat at a higher rate.

Using a vibration plate strengthens your muscle fibers which increase the amount of energy you use during your workout. When you burn more energy than you consume, you start to burn fat from stored fat reserves. Combined with a healthy diet, the increased energy expenditure from using a vibration plate will lead to a calorie deficit and result in weight loss!

But note, there are no shortcuts to achieving noticeable, long-term results. The more you put in, the more you get out! Once you get comfortable on vibration plates, start switching it up with different positions like a squat or a lunge.

One Vibration Plate You Might Like

Bluefins 4D vibration plates give you a workout like no other. Bluefin Fitness was established in 2013 in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. From humble beginnings, Bluefin has grown from a passion for health and fitness to the number one retailer of Vibration Massage plates and fitness equipment in the UK.

With a 4D vibration plate with triple motors, you can lose weight, increase muscle mass and improve your fitness with the ultimate vibration plate from Bluefin Fitness. With BLUEFIN 4D vibration plates they provide cutting-edge weight loss technology for the home. As a result, improving blood circulation, reducing cellulite, and increasing bone density at the same time. Ultra-bright LEDs tell you how intensely you’re working with Red, Orange, and Green. Check your fitness progress with a glance. As a bonus 3 carefully designed program options and 7 challenging manual combinations for great variety. Just 10 minutes is sufficient for a full 4D workout.