Built Bars Take 12% Off of Protein filled Bars

The Company is based just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, home to many outdoor and fitness enthusiasts who gladly tested Built Bar?s products in its early days. 

Like the idea of a protein bar for a convenient snack, but don?t like the chalky texture and awful aftertaste? Built Bar aims to fix that with protein bars that are both healthy and great tasting (and made with real chocolate, in all its antioxidant goodness).

The Built Bar Company has grown a fanatical following, but are they as good as all of the Built Bar reviews claim? Read on to discover whether getting a built boost is worth it. And be sure to use coupon code SAVE12 to save 12% this month only. 

Built Bar has the best nutritional protein bar on the market (don’t believe us, just try one of our delicious 13 regular flavors, and our limited-time offerings). Our bars are light and fluffy, and they are only 110 calories for the 15 grams of protein it packs. Our bars are marketable* not only to fitness and health enthusiasts, they taste so good, they appeal to anyone wanting to appease their appetite with a tasty treat.

We are huge fans of Built Bars in our household and Coconut Almond continues to be my favorite flavor. It really reminds me of an Almond Joy candy bar. However don’t just take our word for it try it for yourself and you might find your new healthy snack use code “SAVE12” at checkout!