Billionaire Boys Club ICECREAM and Reebok

After an extensive set of collaborations earlier in the year. Pharrell?s Billionaire Boys Club Ice Cream is reuniting with Reebok. To close out 2020 with their own take on the Question Low.

Following up the Answer V, the pair effectively looks at Allen Iverson. Yet again with a filter of bold, pastel heavy design. Revealed on eBay, the unreleased offering was listed in near full. Highlighting the upper?s multicolor design and its many collaborative details.

BBC Icecream
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Billionaire Boys Club running dog is featured in loud tones across the mid-panel, dressed in blue and yellow against the grain of purple suede. Matching accents, however, do dress adjacent, the yellow adhering to the tongue and much of the collar while the cool tone accents more subtly along the bottom edge. This would be great look at add-on to your gym apparel.

White soles then finish the exterior, ?IVERSON? type is has the Ice Cream treatment soles. They are finished all-over with more insignia, and the box matches if not exceeds all the aforementioned energy.

Grab a quick look, and while they?re available to purchase on eBay for a high price tag. It is possible we?ll see a wider release on