7 Ways to Stay Active in Cold Weather

It is important for your body and health in general to remain active year-round, but if you are used to being active outdoors, this can be challenging in the cold winter months. Take a look at these 7 different ways to stay active even in colder weather.

1.Take Advantage of Peak Daytime Hours

Even on the coldest days, there will be a shorter period of time when the sun is out and at its highest. This is the peak warm time of the day, and your best chance to get outside and soak up some sunshine. This typically happens between 2pm and 4pm. While this might not work if it is a stormy, cold day where you live, it should be a good option on most cold, winter days when it isn?t snowing or raining out.

2.Find Outdoor Activities You Enjoy

There are plenty of outdoor activities that are specifically meant for cold weather, especially when it is snowing. Find some winter activities that are fun for you, like skiing or sledding. These are activities you can do with your family or friends on the weekend and will be just as fun as they are good for your body. Anything that gets your body moving more in the winter is a good thing. If nothing else, get outside and kick a soccer ball around in the backyard or up against a wall.

3.Participate in Outdoor Chores

Outdoor chores can double as exercise! You save money by not paying someone to shovel snow from your driveway or to do yardwork, and you get extra outdoor exercise at the same time. Maybe you want to help your neighbors shovel their walk because you know they struggle with having the time to do it on their own, or you decide to do some work in your garage. Raking up the leaves in the southern states is an endless task. Grab the rake and bag up the leaves.

4.Wear Layers

The key to outdoor workouts in the cold is to wear multiple light layers. You start off your workout being a lower temperature, then as you work up a sweat, you can remove some of those light layers and not feel too cold. The layers are light enough where it isn?t uncomfortable to remove them, but enough of them will keep you warm if the weather suddenly changes while you are out of the house and not near any shelter.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

5.Take Indoor Fitness Classes?

Of course, bringing exercise indoors is a great option in the cold weather. You can usually find yoga or Pilates studios, gyms, and other types of fitness centers that won?t cost too much and help you get in a good workout. Better yet, search classes on YouTube and start right in your own home. At the time of this article, we are in the mist of COVID-19 so this is definitely your safer option.

6.Find an Indoor Pool

 Indoor pools are a lot of fun, since your skin is protected from any weather conditions, and you get a soothing workout. This can be a great option if you want to try something a little different or have chronic pain and struggle with other forms of exercise. Pools seem to be safe even during the COVID-19 outbreak.

7.Remember to Hydrate?

A common mistake people make is not drinking as much water when the weather is cold. Don?t make this mistake! Hydration is important no matter how much you?re sweating even in the cold winter months.

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