2021 Requires Adaptability to Survive

Are You An Adaptable Person?

Let’s start by answering the following questions:

  • Are you able to change habits easily?
  • Are you always thinking ahead about what could happen? (anticipation)
  • Do you like to confront problems?

If your answers are yes, then you may be ready to face 2021 and the years to come. If your answers are negative it is time to start working to develop adaptability.

Being adaptable shows your ability to be resourceful, display your leadership skills, determination, grit, analytical skills, willingness to bend and break habits, and more. Is the ability to live in the present; ready to respond to new demands and changes.

The human race has proven historically to be a strong species, the most intelligent but most importantly we have won the battle of adaptability for over 6 million years. Nevertheless, there are still some people who deny this capacity and prefer to hide behind their fears and within their comfort zone.

Adaptable people think ahead and consistently focus on improvement.

Successful people are constantly adapting, responding quickly to new trends, and threats with critical and creative thinking.

5 principles to develop adaptability includes:

Push yourself to do new things

Changes could be scary and intimidating, but let’s realize that generally, we are not afraid of the change per se, but afraid of what the change could make us lose.

Changes are always an opportunity to improve, learn, and grow, and that is how we have survived for so long.

Take risks

Get out of your comfort zone. Take small risks and allow your confidence to grow. Visualize yourself where you want to be and take incremental risks that help you move in that direction. Do things that scare you, build resilience, set yourself up to win, and help other people go through the same challenge.

Become a learner

Be curious, learn new things, allow your brain to develop new synaptic connections.

Spend some time reading, studying, or attending to seminars that keep you updated in your areas of importance. Connect with people, learn something new every day. Being a learner is part of having a growth mindset, so recognize that anything could be improved by learning and practicing.

Work on your communication skills

The way in which you communicate with others is imperative to be adaptable. Hearing deep, and nonverbal communication skills will improve your relationships and your ability to collect or communicate information required during times of change.

Be creative

Creativity is our ability to solve problems. Being able to see the overall picture and identify the best way to solve it requires skills.

You might use your problem-solving skills to find solutions to challenging topics and being able to observe and analyze how you might approach solving a new problem.

Being adaptable can require a variety of combined skill sets. The world will not return to what it once was. Our future may be loaded with several other pandemics and other threats but civilization, as we know, has been around for over 6000 years in harsh environments, climate changes, natural disasters, and we are still around.

Trust in our ability to overcome any difficulty. Be bold and strong.

The world will be a different place, but still, an amazing opportunity to build and create once again whatever we set our self for.

Develop adaptability and be a part of the changes we need to overcome now and in the future.

2021 Requires Adaptability to Survive